Hoyt Bats: Baby bats born of broken bats

Have a favorite piece of lumber that got shattered from a curve ball down and away?  Some flamethrower saw you off leaving you holding nothing but a stub as you jogged to first base considering the $80 hunk of fine maple you won't be using in your next AB?  Well, maybe not all is lost.  I can use your broken bat to make a souvenir of the remnants.  I know I've grown attached to some special pieces of lumber myself.  Sometimes it's nice to keep it around as a reminder of your glory days or even as a special gift for a loved one.  Send me as much of what is left of the bat as you can and I'll turn it into something special.  I can also inscribe it by hand with whatever you want on it (within reason....I'm not going to write War and Peace on the barrel).  The souvenir bat can either be stained or painted, it is up to you.  Unfortunately, you can't really specify your size or style.  The piece of lumber determines that.

If you don't have a broken bat but would still like to have a souvenir, I have an ample supply gleaned from the casualties of many a baseball contest.  I'll include a tag with the make and model of the original plus the league in which it was used.  Many of my bats were broken during Granite State Baseball League (Over 30 men's league) or Northeast-10 Conference (NCAA Division II) play. 

I'm not limited to turning just broken bats either.  If you have a special piece of wood that you want made into a bat, I'll see what I can do.  

Some caveats:

1.  If the wood you have is split in half there isn't much I can do with it.  So, best not to send it. 
2.  The Hoyt Bats logo will appear as the label unless you specify otherwise.
3.  It may take me a couple of weeks to create your souvenir.
4.  You pay the shipping to me, I'll pay the shipping back (within the US).
5.  I'm not responsible for what you do with the bat once you receive it.  So if you whack someone with it, it isn't my fault.

Because I turn each order by hand and do the inscriptions without the aid of a machine, your souvenir bat won't look like the one you picked up on your last trip to Fenway.  It will definitely have a unique flavor and you can rest assured, it will look like no other Hoyt Bat.
The cost to you is $25 using your lumber, $30 using mine.  The cost includes the shipping.

If this sounds like something you would like, feel free to contact me and let me know what you are thinking. 

Jay Hoyt
Player, Coach, Wood Turner

mailto: jayhoyt@comcast.net